Post 1 – May 15, 2018, The Camino de Assisi, The Journey Begins

The Camino de Assisi.
The Way of St Francis.
Italy: From Florence to Assisi, then on to Rome.
Post 1: May 15, 2018, Tuesday.
Day T-27: Leave for Florence in 27 days.
Rule one: Travel light in life . . . and on the Camino.
The Journey begins before the Journey starts.   

      The Journey begins today, May 15, 2018, and the Journey actually starts June 11, 2018, when I make my way to Florence, Italy, to begin The Camino de Assisi, The Way of St Francis.  Florence to Assisi, then on to Rome.  Walking and trekking all the way for an estimated six weeks.  With a backpack, trekking poles, and the Cicerone guidebook, The Way of St Francis, (2015 edition), authored by Sandy Brown.  St Francis started laying down this path in . . . approximately, 1209.  Eight hundred years later, I’ll take my first step.

      So, to my friends, family, clients, fellow pilgrims, who are on the journey of life, perhaps you will let me share my upcoming journey, The Way of St Francis.  It’s for a good cause.

      I have trekked two Camino de Santiagos.  This is my third Camino.  So Rule One on the Camino and in life: Travel Light.  Before, during, and after each Camino you have a strong sense of what is weighing you down, bogging your down, meaningless to your blessed journey, so–you get rid of it. Throw it away, give it away, or leave it at the give-or-take table of life, or at the many stops along The Way.  I shall live out of a 20 pound backpack for six weeks.
I shall . . . travel light.  Francis sure did.

      The Camino de Assisi, as with the Caminos of Life, is a mental, physical, and spiritual challenge.  So, I began today at The Dream Center in downtown Los Angeles with about 200 of my friends living at the Dream Center, and part of the Dream Center Discipleship (DCD) program.
      All of us are big dreamers.  And we’ve written down our dreams.  And we’re going to pray for those dreams for six weeks while I trek the Camino  from June 11 to July 26.  Just one of the reasons I need to do these posts.  So, whoever you are reading this:

Dream big.
And join
our Camino prayer group.

      Please consider sending us a prayer request, a dream request, or a special intention request, by responding to this email.
      It may get lonely our there on the path, so, I’m hoping to hear from you.



This is the map in my guidebook, Trekking The Way of St Francis, Cicerone, author Sandy Brown.

Dream Center friends.  We took over the top floor of Sage in Echo Park.