Post 10 – June 16, 2018. The Camino de Assisi. It’s true. I’m traveling with a woman.

The Camino de Assisi. 
The Way of St Francis.
Italy: From Florence to Assisi, then on to Rome. Trek For A Dream.  
Post 10: June 16, 2018, Saturday.  
Stia, Italy. Day 4.
It’s true. I’m traveling with a woman.  And we’re making awesome progress.  

I’m making great progress.  Yes, I’ve trekked from Florence to Pontassieve, then on to Consuma, then today on to Stia, Italy.  So, now I have blisters, sore feet and legs, sprained right ankle, and a fair share of scraps and bruises.  But at least I ran into two other pilgrims also trekking to Assisi, and they were a lot of help reading and enterpreting the path, which isn’t always easy, to say the least. They are two strong Dutch woman, Amanda and Edith, from Holland, and they glide along like they’re on one of those Bird Scooters I see all over Santa Monica.  Hills–no problem.  Impressive.  They also like, but make jokes about, the woman I’m traveling with.

But first, a prayerful shout out to little Wesley (4 years old) who will be having surgery next Thursday. I dedicated my painful trek to him today.  Let’s all pray for him.  Ask Danise Jurado, if you have any questions.

I appreciate Kyle Turney’s dream/prayer request: “I dream of being able to teach and to be there for my little brothers financially. I dream of being free of my past and fully a new creation in Christ!”  You will Kyle.  You’re amazing and you have about 300 people praying for you. We can’t wait to see all the amazing things that shall happen for you.  I also prayed for our friend E.I., who is praying to quit drugs and to not let . . . ”  Let’s just say, E.I., you shall have victory.  We all love you and are praying for you and looking out for you.  I miss my DCD friends. Please don’t forget me; I’m out here.  Still going.

In 2014, while trekking the Camino de Santiago, The Way of St. James, some of us decided to name our backpacks.  Yep. So, I named mine, Clare of Assisi.  And it stuck.  Our friend, Phyllis Lombardi, had Clare’s name embroidered on my backpack.  And, so on this trek, The Camino de Assisi, Clare’s name is really recognized. Everyone loves that I named my backpack, “Clare.”
“Tom, don’t forget Clare”; “Tom, what way do you think Clare thinks we should go?”; “Tom, how many treks has Clare been on with you?”; “Tom is traveling with a woman, ‘Clare.'”  Today, Amanda picked up Clare and said: “Clare’s gaining some weight.”  I said, “Yes, I packed a lot of fruit, snacks, and water.  There will be no provisions on the path today, so we need to be prepared.”  Amanda said:  “Yes, great idea. Very smart. We love Clare.”

Don’t laugh at me for naming my backpack “Clare.”  John Steinbeck named his camper truck “Rocinante”  and wrote his book Travels with Charley, about all the travels he did in that truck.  So, I’m in good company.  Always name your traveling buddy.

Trek for a Dream.  Please consider a small donation for all the people in the DC programs.  Bless you all.  Thank you. I really appreciate the feedback.  Today, I really felt out there — in the mountains.

I only have about 400 miles to go.



Thanks to my friends, Meghan and Stephano, at Toscani da Sempre, Pontassieve, Italy, who took great care of me, especially after one my spectacular falls. June 14.

I had a house all the myself in Consuma, Italy. Panificio e Pizzeria. June 15.

See the signs on the tree? The yellow cross of St. Francis; which helps us to know we are on the right path.

The woman I’m traveling with: Clare of Assisi.