Post 11 – June 18, 2018. The Camino de Assisi. New friends sustain me!

The Camino de Assisi. 
The Way of St Francis.
Italy: From Florence to Assisi, then on to Rome. Trek For A Dream.  
Post 11: June 18, 2018, Monday.  I think.  
From Stia to Camaldoli to Badia Prataglia, Italy. Day 6.
New friends sustain me! Celebrated birthday with Sister Izabela. 

New friends have definitely sustained me.  Today, it was Sister Izabela who celebrated my birthday with me at the Monastero di Camaldoli.  Thank you Sister.  We had a grand time.  And she gave me a sermonette on how to thank God for His blessings, before they come. I took her advice and had a great trek from Camaldoli to Badia Prataglia. Then she provided all kinds of supplies for my trek that . . . have really helped with my sore muscles, ankles, and feet. She gave me a birthday cake for the trail.  And, she gave me her cellphone and told me that when (God Willing) I make it to Rome (yes, I’m walking to Rome) to call her and she and the Sisters will take great care of me, that she will be there by the time I arrive. 

And so it is, that all along the way I’m helped by new friends.  I also want to thank Federica Mattei and her husband and her children for taking such good care of me in Stia.  There again, let’s just say, I needed help. At the end of a long trekking day, I’m exhausted, and my brain gets scrampled and I end up saying things like “Hemingway” wrote Travels with Charley, when it was Steinbeck, which I know but when exhausted . . . . On that same day I caught myself telling a new friend that I believe Michelangelo plays stand-up bass for a Motown group called the Marblers.  Wrong again.  

I loved Irina’s dream and prayer request: “My dream is to lead every lost child to God. And to be part of a world wide organization for children.”  And the same for Gregoria: “My dream is to help the troubled youth for they are the future.”  Amen, so true.  I had a great opportunity to lay out the prayer requests before the altar as I trekked out of Camaldoli Village.  See the picture.  I have all the cards and prayer requests with me, and they are going to Rome.  So all of you: have faith.

So, if by slight chance someone could give me a great birthday present by donating to the Dream Center, Trek for a Dream.  I’d really appreciate it.  I have a goal, and I’m not coming home til I reach it.

I really miss you all.  Dang, I’m supposed to be used to being alone. I’m single. But, I miss all my friends.  Send up a small prayer for me.

Love to all,



Sister Izabela.  At the Monastery, an awesome place to be taken care of, just like Francis of Assisi was.  Amen.

Monastero di Camoldoli

The path out of Camaldoli Village to  Badia Prataglia

Halfway to Badia Prataglia.  There’s a small table inside, and a fire place.

Lord of the Rings territory.

Federica Mattei, her husband and her kids were very kind to me, in Stia.   I’m so thankful.

The prayer and dream requests.  June 18, 2018.  Amen.