Post 13 – June 22, 2018. The Camino de Assisi. When Words are spoken into your life.

The Camino de Assisi. 
The Way of St Francis.
Italy: From Florence to Assisi, then on to Rome. Trek For A Dream.  
Post 13: June 22, 2018, Friday.  Did Stage 9 today in Sandy Brown guide. 
I made it to Citerna, Italy today. Gone 12 days.  Day 10 on The Way.
When Words are spoken into your life.  

Sister Violet appeared again in the Chapel of the Stigmata on my last day at Santuario della Verna.  And she spoke Words into my life, and into the life of my pilgrim friends Birgit (Bridgit to us) and Jacquie (from the far off land of Seal Beach, CA).  This is such a powerful experience.  And such a reminder of the words or Words we use or speak into other people.  What Sister Violet said to me, was so insightfully personal that I was overwhelmed. Same for Birgit and Jacquin. We have so much responsibility for the words and Words we choose. I’m thankful for all my Dream Center friends; they do this everyday and we all see such healings. Even my wonderful rascalian neighbor, David, speaks wonderful words into other peoples’ lives. … I shall remember the Words of Sister Violet.

And so I’ve trekked from Santuario della Verna to Pieve Santo Stefano, then onto Sansepolcro, then onto where I am now, the great and very charming city of Citerna which had a major ascent before reaching the top of the mountain.  And, by now I’m really sore again, but getting much stronger.  And, fantastic, I ran into my old friends Edith and Amanda from Holland and so I had great trekking partners from Sansepolcro to Citerna–having friends with you really make the trek much easier and much more fun.  The usual lineup is Edith at the front reading and analyzing the map, Amanda second taking care of utilitarian matters about safety, the trail and sustenance, and me trailing ten feet behind trying to keep up and occasionally coming up with something to laugh about, like the time in Stia that Federica Mattai insisted I come to the afternoon hookers convention.  And I said, no no, I’m not for that, I can’t do that. And, she insisted all afternnoon–which is how long it took for me to realize that’s what they call the ladies that do the knitting thing, using a hook kind of pin. . . . So, yes, today was a great day for trekking. It was suppose to rain all day, but didn’t. Which means it was a cool run.

I’ve had great opportunities to pull out the Prayer Cards, especially at Santuario della Verna. The Cards are a blessing in so many ways, including to the people that see the faith of laying them out on the altars. I loved Elizabeth’s request to be a Worship Leader, and her prayer for strength.  You have it now.  And Sunu (sp?), I loved his desires to help “Children of Infinite Royalty.”  Amazing what his vision is. And our friend Kevin. I get it man, it’s a blessed prayer request. Amen and blessings over all the prayer requests and the new ones that are still coming in, including today from a saint living in San Diego.  Keep them coming. You know Who we serve.

And, I had a heavy heart all week for our beloved old friend, Todd Leader. I have already heard what Matthew said today at the memorial service. So, I just repeat all those perfect “words” and “Words,” Matthew said.  Amen.

Thank you all for staying in touch with me.  The days are very long on the Camino, so time is much slower here.  And thank you all for supporting Trek for a Dream. I appreciate Matthew’s support, and his tweet earlier today.  It was such a blessing to wake up to.

Sister Violet’s Words stayed with me all day. What a blessing. Dream Center friends–what you do everyday is amazing.



Sister Violet, standing in a small chamber under the Chapel of the Stigmata. Chapel of St. Bonaventure. Definitely a place of peaceful solitude.

Birgit, and Jacquin under the Chapter of the Stigmata.

In Sansepolcro yesterday, Paola took great care of all the pilgrims at her place, Albergo Fiorentino.  I’m losing weight.

Prayer Cards on the altar at the Chapel of the Relics, Santuario della Verna.

Santuario della Verna.

Edith always out in front reading the maps.