Post 14 – June 24, 2018. The Camino de Assisi. “Maybe” has no place in God’s dictionary, Part 2.

The Camino de Assisi. 
The Way of St Francis.
Italy: From Florence to Assisi, then on to Rome. Trek For A Dream.  
Post 14: June 24, 2018, Sunday.  Did Stage 11 today in Sandy Brown guide, Citta di Castello to Pietralunga. 
I made it to Pietralunga, Italy today. Gone 14 days.  Day 12 on The Way.
“Maybe” has no place in God’s dictionary, part 2.  

Today, a pilgrim friend said ‘maybe’ she would make it . . . all the way to Rome, how about you?  I said, “I’m going all the way, I’m walking to Rome.  Period.  I have Prayer Cards.”  No more ‘maybes.’  I really want to make it, even if . . . I need some “help” on occasion–actually, everyday.  So, yesterday on the trek from Citerna to Citta de Castello, I had a rough day, and Edith and Amanda left me in the dust again.  So eventually I make it to a place called Lerchi.  And I must have come out of the mountains looking half dead because a beautiful woman (I’m not talking physical), with a big heart, came to my rescue. In my guidebook on pg 110 there’s a shortcut noted, so I could only hope to find it and maybe catch a bus or something. But, no hope, a very risky road situation, and no bus.  So, the woman ran a little bar/cafe/rescue mission across the street, and she noticed me and called me over.  Then she yelled at me in Italian:  “Italian, Italian, blah, blah, blah, peregino (pilgrim), something something, Americano, stupido, some more Italian” and insisted I come to her bar. And quickly gave me cold water, some lemony drink, and told me to sit there, and be good.  So, I sat there.  Then she fed me. I must have really looked like . . . well, that stuff.  So, I sat there, and then, some time went by, and a taxi showed up.  And, she yelled at me some more: “Italian, Italian, Americano, something something, lots of gestures, Rita, Rita . . . ” And then the taxi driver told me she would take me to Citta di Castello.  So, I just looked at both of them and said: “Yes. Graci,” which I don’t know if I spelled it or said it right.  And Rita dropped me off at Hotel Tiferno in Citta di Castello, and I paid her 18 euro, and the host came out . . . and checked me in, as if I was about to start a hospital stay.  And, thanks to my Dream Center friend, Hope, my debit card was waiting for me . . . because I have totally run out of euros, because this trek is about ten times more expensive then the Camino de Santiago, but . . . at times very worth it.  And I have to add, the Italians seem to really love the pilgrims, and me.  Time for a thankful prayer for all that.  Amen.  And so much to write about, my dinner last night in Citta di Castello with my pilgrim friends was just so enchanting and wonderful, but I had zero time to visit the church with my Prayer Cards.  But–I didn’t know, that my newest angel, Rita, had a plan.  . . .  Which would help me avoid, again, the word: “Maybe.”

So, in the morning, today, in Citta di Castello, I just had to make it to the church, I know I had to, and since I have my secular friends reading these posts, I don’t want to get all weird about why I had to make it to the church, but I had to.  And so the host at Hotel Tiferno told me that Rita had a plan for me, and in some quality English, he told me definitely not to try to walk 32 Kms to Pietralunga–it’s just too far and I won’t make it and there are no services that are reliable, and they don’t want anything to happen to me.  He told me to go to the church, come back, and we will have a plan for you.  And that’s what I did.  And so, once again, the Prayer Cards were laid out on the altar at the big Cathedral in the center of the town, I took some pictures, I did a lot of Talking to you know Who, and then made my way back to Hotel Tiferno and there was my new angel again, Rita.  And, she had a shortcut for me to consider.  Let’s just say, I only had to trek half the way to Pietralunga, and I think God is okay with that, and I’ll ask Pastor Matthew and my DCD friends if they are okay with that.  And, as I sit here in Pietralunga, I’m getting info that my friends didn’t make it here, and I’m not sure what to think or feel.  But, I just got a text that they are safely back . . . in Citta di Castello.  Hmmm.  . . . This is just such an adventure.  Mercy!!  Whew!  And, I allow no pictures when I look wiped out.  And then, sitting there in Pietralunga, I run into Gabrille, Severino, and Rosa, three friends from Santuario della Verna and we have a grand time, and plan for dinner at 7.  . . .  And that is the way the Camino works.

Four hours later, 10:00 p.m.  Gabrille, Severino, Rosa and I had a six course meal overlooking Pietralunga and shared stories of our various treks to make it this far. We feel fortunate that we’re still going, and after the long meal, we feel refreshed and ready to . . . carry on in the morning to Gubbio, although there are serious signs of rain.  Rain on the Camino usually means the paths are now little rivers and we will get soaked, and sometimes the paths just fade away.  So, we’ll see.  It’s starting to rain just now–hard.

And so I’m thinking about little Wesley who just had open heart surgery, and some big and little friends that we are all praying for. And special mention to Mark and his prayer and dream to write books, and what he plans to write about.  Prayers sent up on that. And Preston, who is 18.  Wow!  18.  His plans are for a Godly life, and he shall have it.  Amen.  We all work and pray for each other to stay on a Godly Path, and in His will.  Amen.

And for me, the bottom line is simple: I’m going to make it to Rome.  No . . . “maybes.”

I truly miss you all. If anyone has some more ideas as to how I can raise more money for the Dream Center and my DCD friends, or increase awareness for Trek for a Dream, I’ll take it. After long days trekking, it can be challenging, even if you have new friends to help with strategies and plans.  But, I do try to emphasize the joy we have also. And, great discussions.  The main topic of the day: How to craft a life.  And why the Camino, and the step by step chance to think and pray, really helps.

Wow, that was a long day.  Did I say it’s raining.

Amen. Miss everyone.


Cathedral in Citta Di Castello. Yes, those are the Prayer Cards.

I often wonder. This church was so full of the Spirit.  I was so thankful.  And the Prayer Cards had quality time there and received many prayers.

The signs on the path can be very helpful at times, other times confusing.

Three master trekkers, Gabrille on my right, and Rosa and Severino on my left.  First met them at Santuario della Verna. This meal revived us. Pietralunga.

My thanks to Hope, who thinks she’s house and cat sitting for me. Actually, according to my cats, CJ and Bentley, she is quite responsive to their training, most of the time.