Post 16 – June 16, 2016, Exhausted already!

The Camino de Santiago,
 the del Norte/Primitivo route.
Spain: From Irun to Santiago de Compostela, 500 miles.
Post 16; June 16, 2016, Thursday Morning. San Sebastian, Spain
Day two of trekking: San Sebastián to Zarautz, 18.5 Km.
5:00 a.m.
Exhausted already!
Carlos report from the front line.

  Yesterday was really hard. And beautiful. The trek from Irun to San Sebastian was about 26.5 Km, and my Apple watch told me we did about 20 miles. I trekked with Carlos de la Camara, Leo from France, and Gabriela from Uruguay. The trek was mostly rolling hills, with some occasional steep climbs up some small mountains. A lot of the trek was along the coast with great views of the Bay of Biscay. I personally found it hard on the first day of trekking. I pulled a muscle in my left leg, my feet hurt, and I’m exhausted. And now it’s Thursday morning, and I’m thinking if I hurt this much, how can I go on? But, I’m definitely going on. And now I hear stirring as people are getting up.
  It’s time to pack up my backpack, eat something, and get ready.
  That’s it. I’m too exhausted, wiped out, to do anything else.
Really, I did endless steps at Santa Monica College; tons of jogging; I’m still not in shape for this!
. . .

Carlos de la Camara Report from the front line, July 11th: I’m trekking with Tom, and by now, July 11th—we are beasts! We’ve done about 400 miles and going really strong. The team is Me, Tom, Leo from France, and Willie from Germany. We’re excited and can’t wait to get to Santiago!
  We are in Campiello, Spain, just had an awesome pilgrims’ dinner, and only have about seven more stages to go.
 . . .