Post 17 – June 30, 2018. The Camino de Assisi. Prayers for my family and friends.

The Camino de Assisi. 
The Way of St Francis.
Italy: From Florence to Assisi, then on to Rome. Trek For A Dream.  
Post 17: June 30, 2018, Saturday.  In Assisi.  
In Assisi. Gone 20 days.  Day 18 on The Way.
Prayers for my family and friends.  

      I laid the Prayer Cards out in a very special place before the Crucifix that spoke to St. Francis.  It is housed in the Basilica di S. Clare (the Basilica of St. Clare) and she is taking good care of it. And so I had some prayer time for my friends and family.  And, I also prayed the same prayer that St. Francis did.

      St. Francis’ Prayer was and is for all of us:


      All-highest, glorious God,
      cast your light into the darkness
      of my heart.
      Give me right faith,
      firm hope,
      perfect charity
      and profund humility,
      with wisdom and perception,
      O Lord, so that I may do
      what is truly your holy will.

      I especially hope my DCD friends will also pray this prayer over their hopes and dreams as set forth on their Prayer Cards.

      Amen, Amen.


The original Crucifix from San Damiano where St. Francis heard from the Lord.

The Prayer Cards.  And, notice the blank one.  Very special.  This was a private “special intention” from one of our friends.  God knows who’s card this is and what the prayer request is.

St. Francis’ simple but powerful prayer.

Sometimes the steps are steep to the prayer chamber . . . in our hearts.

St. Clare’s prayer chamber at San Damiano.