Post 45 – July 14, 2016, People get ready! Part 2

The Camino de Santiago,
 the del Norte/Primitivo route.
Spain: From Irun to Santiago de Compostela, 530 miles.
Post 45; July 14, 2016, Thursday.
Day 30: Still in A Fonsagrada. On The Camino Primitivo; technically Stage
8 of the Perazzoli/Whitson book, TNCs, page 245.
People get ready! Part 2.

 We talked a lot tonight about peeing. The bottom line is we are starting to talk aggressively about going extra distances. Leaving A Fonsagrada in the morning and going all the way past Cadavo Baleira to . . . Castroverde. Wow, I don’t want to do the math on that, but . . . it’s far. That’s a lot of trekking. That’s far. So all of us talk about making sure we hydrate a . . . lot, a whole lot. And how much peeing we will need to do along the way. This is a male and female discussion led by Jessi, followed by Leo, added to by Cristina, and around the table of about 14 of us. Drink water!! And . . . let’s try to go very far.
 Maybe it was the pilgrims’ mass. Wow, what a mass. People are getting ready. I know, I don’t talk much about the pilgrims’ masses, because there is just too much to talk about on the Camino, so much is always happening, and still we think of step by step by step . . . and we keep going. Some of us pilgrims went to mass, went to communion, prayed a lot, and were quiet through a nice pilgrims’ mass at the little and very beautiful church that didn’t even make it in the book for commentary. And the two priests spoke a beautiful message, somewhat translated, and some of us made our confirmations. And the priests said prayers over us. And, said prayers with us, such as:
 Lord God, You who have mercy on those
 who love You
 and are never far from those who seek You,
 help these pilgrims on their way to
 Guide their footsteps with your kindness.
 May Your shadow protect them during
 the day
 and the light of your eyes shine on them by
 so that they can happily stand before the
 of the Apostle Santiago.
 We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ.

 There were two more prayers. And we received them in writing, and with a stamp from the church: “Fonsagrada Puerta de Galicia del Camino Primitivo.” Then, the priests blessed us in such a kind way and the service was over, and we didn’t want to leave that little church. Some of us lit candles. More confirmations. Some of us kneeled. More confirmations. And there is such a Spirit in that church. And who was that amazing and beautiful woman, singing. I don’t know. I tried to ask, but it was lost in translation.

 And, then at 9:15 p.m. we went back to the albergue where Leo and Willi prepared a great pilgrims’ pasta dinner for about 14 of us . . . and we celebrated, so much life that was with us, and we know we can soon, carry home with us. Toasts all around, and further confirmations.
 Someone spoke in confidence to us about something she was working on, toward the end of the pilgrims’ dinner: “I’m going to do it.”
 Another decision.
 Another confirmation.
 Another Camino.

 And one by one we go to bed. Jessi and her sisters from Idaho, the two bros, Angelus and Ted, from Indiana (whose Governor Mike Pence may be the Trump VP choice), Carlos de la Camara, Leo Schlienger, Willi Ochs, Cesar, Sange, Alberto Carlos, Carole and Christina from Switzerland, and a few others that I can’t recall just now. Maybe it was the Spanish wine, the blessing from the Priests, the life. I don’t know.
 But, I’m stopping now, and really looking forward to the trek tomorrow.
 . . .

I grew up in Santa Barbara, California. So here’s this little chapel out in the middle of nowhere on “The Way” to A Fonsagrada, Spain

Attending a Pilgrims’ Mass in A Fonsagrada