Post 6 – June 5, 2016, An Angel appears

The Camino de Santiago,
  the del Norte/Primitivo route.
Spain: From Irun to Santiago de Compostela, 500 miles.
Post 6; June 5, 2016, Sunday. 5:00 a.m. Eight days to go.
The Way of St. James
An Angel appears

It’s Sunday morning. 5:00 a.m. I love to get up early and get to the Café. I’m sipping some Pope Francis coffee, and expecting my miracle for the morning. This coffee is blessed. Nick Tate here. Distinguished server at Café Heaven, married to Tempie Teagarden, and father of a little girl, Sofia.
I’m struggling. You see, I know we’re all going on a pilgrimage, but . . . why am I going on a pilgrimage? As I’m typing this I see the front door of the Café slowly open. The door’s always open. It’s a narrow door, but Heaven is really big. And someone is walking in. Don’t know him.

“When does the Café open?” the man says.
“6:00 a.m., but your welcome to come in and share some coffee with me,” I say back to him.
“Well thank you, don’t mind if I do. I was told you would be most hospitable,” says the man as he walks over to my table.
I stand up. As we shake hands I say, “My name’s Nick.”
“My name’s Sebastiani.”
“Nice to meet you. Sit down, let’s have some coffee and solve some of the world’s problems.”
“Yes, let’s.”
I pour Sebastiani some Pope Francis coffee. We raise our cups in the Café Heaven fashion: you look straight into your new friend’s eyes, and you say I love you, I respect you, how can I serve you? No words are necessary. It’s a greeting that comes from the heart. He who speaks first . . . is the one on assignment.
“I’m here to tell you why you are going on the Camino de Santiago,” says Sebastiani as he finishes his greeting to me, and we take the sip of our coffee that seals the greeting.
“Well, thank you so much. I was just wondering that, and you know Sebastiani, I need to say something . . . I don’t think I’ve ever been more happy than I am now.”
“It works doesn’t it?”
“Yes,” I said. Sebastiani and I know. I learned to serve others, as I felt called to do, and that was it, that’s what brought me so much happiness and my most incredible wife Tempie, and then a beautiful daughter, Sofia. Still, this morning, I was wondering, why?, why did I say yes to going on the Camino, what’s the Camino really all about, the Way of St. James. I’m a man that needs to be on a mission. I need a task, an assignment. A goal. Then, I shine.

“Nick, I definitely have an assignment for you. Straight from the Author and Finisher,” said Sebastiani.
“And I intend to reveal it to you on the Camino de Santiago.”

. . .