Settle It! . . . and be Blessed

FINAL_COVER_LARGEThere comes a time in your life when you have to settle it.  Be done with it.  It’s time.  Do not let things drag on.  Weigh you down.  Stop you from progressing.  Stop you from proceeding with your mission in life.  It’s not worth it.  It never is.  It never will be.  You, who are reading this, are a precious person.  Your potential is real.  Your potential is unfathomable.  You have much to give.  Whatever it is in your life that you need to settle, a lawsuit, a dispute with a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a business partner, a personal problem, a bad habit, an addiction—do it now.  You will be blessed if you do.  And you will be a blessing to others.  Settle It! now.  And get back to your blessing.

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Praise for Settle It! . . . and be Blessed:

Columbo and Atticus Finch meet Jesus Christ… and they are a powerful team… in and out of court. Get ready to meet Lukewarmers, Blue Angels, Tunic Collectors, Assyrrians and a whole cast of characters in this parable, yet “journaling” life story. Tom Gehring’s journey from secular to Christian lawyer reads like a mystery novel.. you can’t wait for the next clue. It’s a story of despair yet faith, perseverance yet resignation and ultimately the triumph of the soul. A must read for both believers and non-believers.

Christians: 10; Lions: 0.

David Dreier, California Congressman

Tom has worked tirelessly with my son, Matthew, and me for the last fifteen years at the dream center. I’ve seen the results of his work in our outreach programs, on the streets of Los Angeles and in some of the most sophisticated and complex courtrooms in the country. Read this book and understand what he means when he says, Settle It!… and be Blessed.

Pastor Tommy Barnett, Founder of the Los Angeles Dream Center

In 1945, C.S. Lewis wrote: “I believe that any Christian who is qualified to write a good popular book on any science may do much more by that than by any direct apologetic work…. What we want is not more little books about Christianity, but more little books by Christians on other subjects—with their Christianity latent.” One would be hard pressed to find a book on law, economics, or business that has taken Lewis’ advice seriously. Gehring’s book, Settle It!…and be Blessed, does.

Rising above obvious trivialities, this book makes a deep and invaluable case for the practical wisdom of consciously choosing to not waste one’s life in anger, greed, hatred, idleness, vengeance, and myopic self-absorption. The only genuine path to peace in life is for one to actively be a peacemaker, whatever the circumstances. For anyone involved in a legal, personal, or organizational dispute, this lawyer’s insightful book will save you unfathomable amounts of suffering, and transform your life. For many, reading this book will be the first time that the new life offered by following Christ makes sense—literally more sense than anything in this world.

Dr. Greg Jesson, Luther College, Professor of Philosophy

Tom Gehring has written a completely different kind of trial lawyer book, and one that I highly recommend. The reason it takes such a very distinctive path is largely because of the identity of his most unique “Senior Partner,” and that changes the entire dynamic of his relationship with his clients, his approach to his work, and the results ultimately experienced.

Ronald Philips, Senior Vice Chancellor, Pepperdine University School of Law, Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law