The Problem Solver

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There once was a hurt and broken person
who had a lot of problems.
Indeed, he had experienced a lot
of pain and suffering in his life.
He was at his wit’s end.
He wanted to end it all.
What was the point of going on?
Why bother?
He was ready to give up. He was done.

But, he decided he would take one more
crack at solving his problems before ending it all.
What did he have to lose?

The man decided to look
for the ultimate
problem solver.

One just had to exist. A counselor,
a psychiatrist,
a preacher,
a teacher,
a brilliant philosopher,
the ultimate friend.

And so his new journey began.





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Praise for The Problem Solver

“I love how The Problem Solver portrays life. We get to choose. Do we want to solve our problems with our own strength or with God’s strength? The Lord offers us an all-inclusive insurance policy: Himself, unlimited counseling sessions, a way through life with all its potential problems, and unconditional love. And it’s free . . . with infinite benefits. He’s the only One that fully understands the obstacles, the problems we face. And, the only One with real answers. Reading The Problem Solver was like a cool drink. It helped me apply these truths to my own life.”

Lynelle Hill, Registered Nurse, Deer Park, Washington

“There really is the ultimate Problem Solver, and I think that we should cultivate groups coming together to solve their problems using the inspirational and godly tools that we learn about in this book. The fifty-minute counseling sessions with the Lord changed my prayer life. And the yearly Anno Domini (wait until you read about that), will truly bless every year of your life—if you do it! And, you should do it! Enjoy meeting the amazing characters in this book, and wish you could be right there with them.”

Lani Netter, Film Producer, Malibu, California

“I am bawlin’ overwhelmed, chest filled with heartfelt joy and gratitude for having had the privilege of reading this book. One could feel that this is inspired text designed to teach, hone and fortify spiritual lessons. The book almost creates a new genre, where self help meets allegory and can reach readers wherever they are in their personal walks with God. The Problem Solver is a well paced page turner with identifiable characters who conjure up recognizable every-person emotions. This is a captivating novel that perhaps should have its own accompanying journal.”

Marilyn Gil, Television Executive, Atlanta, Georgia

“The Problem Solver is one of the best books ever! It was like my own session with God. While I was reading, I began to connect the message of the book to my own life. I started deep thinking about my own problems and their solutions. When we have God as a Friend we can be calm. We can trust that the solutions He finds for us are the best. It’s peace in our hearts.”

Malgorzata Ravn, Artist, Odense, Denmark

“I found the characters, their lives, their challenges thought-provoking. I saw bits and pieces of my own life and lives of people I care for in these characters. It had me asking, ‘What is my purpose; why am I still here?’ The Problem Solver was a read that I will not soon forget. It stirred within me the need to look for the purpose and possibilities for my life.”

Vanessa Maholovich, Registered Nurse, Atmore, Alabama

“The book was phenomenal, it brought back many memories of the beautiful lives I witnessed transformed in God’s hands. We all must remember to ‘serve until you are healed and then keep serving to stay healed.’ I thought I went to LA to serve the people, but the people revealed God’s amazing love for me.”

Theresa Tanuvasa, Group Home Caseworker, Brisbane, Australia

“The Problem Solver beautifully and exceptionally illustrates how God uses us in and through our adversities, and how we find peace in the midst of them when we ‘let go and let God.’ We are strengthened, and, in turn, learn to help others. The Problem Solver calls us into a true-to-life prospective that we are called to serve and not to be served. I could not stop reading!”

Janie Hardy, Insurance Agent, Buford, Georgia

“The Problem Solver was an amazing Spirit-filled sweet time with the Lord. I was truly blessed and encouraged that God’s not done with me yet.”

Kathy McCann Lombardi, Pilates Instructor, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii

“The Problem Solver tells the story of all of us who have stories of faith and trials in a way anyone can relate to. The emphasis of the story highlights the tried and true method our God uses to reach and bless His people, and that is by using His people. We all have access to the true Problem Solver and with that access we can be a problem solver to others. A great read with an even better message. The Problem Solver has captured well the story of faith and putting our trust in God.”

Jeremiah Weekley, Sales Director, Longview, Texas

“After reading The Problem Solver I feel refreshed. I feel as though I am friends with all the characters—including the wayward Gwen! It was a magical, inspiring, and spiritual story. It inspired me to look deeper into my own soul, reminding me that we are all here exactly where God wants us to be on our journey toward Him and Heaven. He will help us overcome all obstacles and give us His perpetual strength.”

Carrie Moses, Grandmother, Portland, Oregon

“The Problem Solver leads us from ‘begging bowl’ prayers into a relationship with God as our personal Counselor. My prayer time is now a scheduled counseling time: I can talk, I can cry, I can write, I can vent, I can merely sit in silent reflection. No expectations, no demands. He listens, and I feel His Care.”

Christine Laws, Educator and Editor, Dahlonega, Georgia

“I had the pleasure of meeting Tom while hiking on the Camino de Santiago in Spain and I now consider him a good friend. He has captured the pilgrim’s experience in The Problem Solver as it occurs in everyday life. I was amazed to hear that he wrote the book before actually making his pilgrimage. Few people have the opportunity to understand what life is like when guided by prayer. The Problem Solver shows how miracles just seem to happen all the time and if you are tuned in to seeing them, you notice. God brings you what you need. He puts the people in your path to help and guide you: the mediator, the advocate, the sage. If you are willing, he builds you a family. The Problem Solver reads like a modern-day gospel showing how truly close to God we all are. This book is full of moments of inspiration and consolation. Tom Gehring writes, “Your fountain shall overflow my friend, it shall. I promise. You are here for a reason.” His allegorical story brings you inspirational lessons showing you that life through God has purpose. If you allow yourself to be his instrument, you find joy and peace. I urge everyone to read this book. It helps us remember that coming to God can be such a difficult first step that seems so easy and right once it has been taken.”

Carlos de la Camara, Schoolteacher, Camino de Santiago, Spain

“I’ve known Tom a long time. He’s a lawyer and counselor. But his book, The Problem Solver, is about connecting with the real Counselor, the Isaiah 9:6 and Isaiah 28:29 Counselor, the Mighty God, and Prince of Peace. Read this book and be blessed.”

Jed Nibbelink, General Contractor, Santa Clarita, California

“I am arrogant at times—probably more times than I care to admit. I did not think much of this book when I picked it up to read. But, this book showed me that I am Norm Adams, with a little bit of Harold Rosenberg. The Problem Solver inspired me to start having quiet time. It works and I would not have known the power and peace of quiet time with the Lord, but for this book. Read it.”

Sharyn Alcaraz, Esq., Corporate Legal Executive, Los Angeles, California

“The Problem Solver is an inspirational and a convicting book at the same time. It made me reflect back to when I was at that point in life when I had to make the decision: which line do I stand in, the one where I rely on God’s strength, or the one where I rely on my own strength? I chose to rely on God’s strength. As I read this book, I felt as if I was there in the story with each character, living each and every moment with them. The bottom line is that God will restore us and our relationships, and He will walk with us and never leave us. God truly brings people into your life to encourage you, pray with you, love you, cry with you, accept you for who you are and where you are in life, and never judge you. This is the type of God we get to serve. We all have thresholds in life, and you’re at one right now. What are you going to do?

Jason Layton, U.S. Marine, Encinitas, California

“I was amazed how these characters developed and how through their vulnerabilities my affection for them quickly grew. I could really identify with Norm as the parallels of his life and mine were so apparent. It felt like a personal victory for me when he chose to spend time with the Lord instead of going to the bar on his birthday. In addition, the concept of seeing my time with the Lord as a counseling session was amazing. That alone has revitalized my prayer life and brought back enthusiasm and focus to my time with God.”

Doug Pellott, Fitness Expert, Sacramento, California

“I could so relate to each and every one of the characters in this book. We must remember that God is the ultimate Problem Solver and we should solve our problems on His strength. This is one of those books that you want to keep pulling out over and over again. When you read the same incident again, one keeps getting different ‘life lessons.’ Each of us needs to have ‘counseling sessions’ with the Counselor. God’s plan for our life will always be better than our plan.”

Joyce Springfield-Collins, Former Editorial Director, GRACE Magazine, Memphis, Tennessee